Sarah C. Yenson

Principal Consultant Specializing in Aviation and Federal Programs

Sarah is a Principal Consultant supporting HMMH’s Federal Programs division in providing our clients with Airspace Analysis, specifically how changes in flight procedures might affect other users of the National Airspace System. She also supports our Federally funded research programs.

Her professional experience draws upon strong project management skills, with an emphasis on aviation human factors, examining how the design of aircraft software can be optimized to mitigate the risk of human error. She has extensive training in aircraft operational research, including the use of models, software programming, and scripting, as well as basic and applied research. At HMMH, she will be providing support to our airport clients who sponsor community noise roundtables, assisting in the development of HMMH’s software tools, and building upon her research interests, leading scientific inquiries in the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM).

Prior to joining HMMH, she spent ten years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory supporting the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Army in developing, testing, and fielding innovative display systems and software for air traffic controllers and operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems. She also worked at Avidyne, a manufacturer of avionics and flight data displays, as a systems engineer, developing integrated suites of navigation and aircraft performance management systems for general aviation aircraft. Most recently, she worked at BAE Systems as the project manager for accuracy analysis software of ballistic missile guidance systems for the Air Force.

Sarah holds an SB from MIT in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering and an MS from UC Berkeley in Civil Engineering with a focus in Air Transportation. Additionally, she holds a Private Pilot certificate with airplane and instrument ratings from the FAA.


Sarah is trying to read her way through the ALA’s banned books lists for the 90s, 2000s, and, when it comes out, the 2010s.