ACRP 02-37: Integrated Noise Model Accuracy for General Aviation Aircraft

HMMH conducted this ACRP Study to recommend changes to the way the Integrated Noise Model (INM) computes noise created by many general aviation jets. The study compared INM-produced sound exposure levels and climb profiles with measured sound exposure levels and radar reported climb profiles. HMMH found that the INM assumed all aircraft used maximum power for takeoff, while in practice, pilots used a de-rated thrust to preserve engine life, creating lower takeoff altitudes, and generally lower levels than the INM computed. HMMH developed a method that would use the INM modeling in a realistic manner, duplicating the procedures used by pilots.

The result of the research conducted was released in October 2014 in ACRP Web-Only Document 19: Integrated Noise Model Accuracy for General Aviation Aircraft.

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