Seasonal Complaints/Operational Analyses, East Hampton Airport

Since 2014, the Town of East Hampton has tasked HMMH with analyzing seasonal operations and complaints at the East Hampton Airport (HTO), in order to address community concerns regarding noise and operations levels.

The Town developed and enacted use restrictions at HTO in July 2015 designed to curb aircraft and rotorcraft operations during nighttime hours. HMMH analyzed aircraft operations and complaint levels each summer season from 2014 through 2016, and evaluated the effectiveness of use restrictions enacted at HTO during the 2015 and 2016 summer seasons. HMMH provided the results to the Town and presented the results to the community as part of the Town’s ongoing efforts to inform and work with communities surrounding HTO on efforts to reduce noise and operations at the HTO airport.

Subsequently, HMMH was tasked by the Town to analyze year to date 2017 operations and complaints at HTO in order to update the community on changes in operations after the overturn of the use restrictions in 2016. The Town of East Hampton is proceeding with a Part 161 Study, and HMMH is assisting in the preparation of that application to the FAA.

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