Massachusetts Industrial Rail Access Program

Between 2013 and 2016, the $8 million in public funds leveraged over $10 million in private funds for investments in the Massachusetts rail system. HMMH works closely with the investors in these public-private-partnerships to ensure a positive return for the Commonwealth. Each year Massachusetts receives 1.5 to 2 times the value of the public investment in public benefits including emissions reductions, safety benefits, reduced roadway maintenance and congestion, reduction of truck trips annually from Massachusetts roadways, creation of new jobs, retention of existing jobs, and improved safety conditions on the railroad system.

HMMH has been supporting the management of this program through the evaluation of project applications, calculation of public benefits, coordinating with grantees to ensure compliance of their design with program requirements, facilitating grantee development of required documentation for grant agreements, and review and documentation of completed projects. HMMH has utilized our unique understanding of the Massachusetts freight network to support management of the Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP). This requires a thorough understanding of the freight network throughout New England and how improvements to freight facilities may benefit freight customers and change freight volumes. Management support of the IRAP program has included working with eight to ten grantees annually involving projects ranging from reconstruction of major intermodal yards to restoration of rail siding tracks.

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