ODOT I-205 Widening and Seismic Improvements

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is planning to widen I-205 from the Stafford Road interchange to the OR 213 interchange, and seismically improve the facility as part of the I-205 Widening and Seismic Improvement Project. The project adds a third lane in each direction and upgrades the Abernethy Bridge and the eight other I-205 bridges in the project area to withstand a major earthquake.

HMMH is providing noise, vibration, and air quality consulting services for this project. For the noise analysis, the Firm is conducting a highway noise analysis consistent with the requirements of 23 CFR 772 and the ODOT Noise Manual. Additionally, the Firm is evaluating construction noise and vibration impacts associated with general construction activities as well as blasting that is required near a rock cut for the project. Air quality emissions are being calculated using the EPA’s MOVES model and include a burden analysis as well as a qualitative MSATs analysis.

The findings of these technical studies are being summarized in the National Environmental Policy Act Categorical Exclusion that HDR is preparing for the project. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2021 and HMMH is securing noise variance permits on behalf of ODOT for the project.