Turnpike Air Rights Development Green House Gas Emissions Analysis

HMMH conducted a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission analysis for two large mixed-use development projects near public transportation infrastructure in Massachusetts in support of the Environmental Impact Report submittals. The GHG analysis consisted of estimating direct emissions from combustion sources as well as indirect emissions associated with the electrical and gas demands from the buildings, along with transportation emissions generated by the Project.

As part of the analyses, HMMH evaluated the projects’ proposed sustainability measures for direct and indirect sources and their effect on the projects’ total GHG emissions for the three operating alternatives. Examples of the types of sustainable elements evaluated were energy efficiency in the boilers and HVAC systems, high-efficiency lighting, green building roofs, window shading, and traffic demand mitigation measures. The analyses showed that implementation of all the proposed sustainable design elements in order to meet 2008 Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards resulted in a reduction of GHG emissions compared to designing the Project to a minimum code-compliant condition.

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