HMMH’s Flight Track Monitoring System (FTMS), InFLIGHT™, enables advanced visualization, analysis and reporting of airport flight operations. This software allows you to:

  • Monitor compliance with noise abatement departure procedures
  • Monitor runway usage
  • Respond to noise issues in the surrounding communities
  • Assist in airspace analysis

Flight tracks are collected from one of many supported radar systems and stored in a relational database in four dimensions (X, Y, Altitude and Time) along with flight identification. These can be viewed over a base map in 2- or 3- dimensions.

Flight tracks can be selected for analysis by time-of-day, arrival/departure mode, runway, airline, aircraft type, or any combination. Graphical and tabular exporting functions interface easily with external tools such as Microsoft Office.

Applications include:

  • Noise Abatement Flight Path: Procedures: for monitoring arrival and departure procedures in and around the airport.
  • Analyzing Community Effects: Spheres and cylinders are created to specify a particular airspace for study and analysis
  • Air Traffic Density Plots: to extract information from a large number of flights for better understanding of where aircraft are flying
  • Filtering: to select flight tracks from the database using a variety of selection parameters

InFlight logo

Client List for InFLIGHT with data supplied from PASSUR

  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (BNA & JWM) 
  • Charlotte International Airport (CLT)
  • Massport (BOS & BED)
  • Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)