Airborne Emissions Inventory, Louisville International Airport

HMMH prepared an Airborne Emissions Inventory at Louisville International Airport (SDF) for the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA). The purpose of the project was to update the baseline air emission inventory at SDF airport using the most recent year (2015) of data available for operations and equipment under the control of the LRAA and its tenants within the property boundaries of SDF. The emissions were quantified consistent with the FAA Air Quality Handbook using the appropriate models and assessment methods. HMMH used AEDT to model to estimate aircraft, ground support equipment (GSE), auxiliary power unit (APU) and most of the stationary source emissions and will also use the EPA MOVES2014a model to estimate ground access (i.e., mobile) vehicle emissions. Supplemental emission methodologies consistent with EPA and FAA protocols were also used to estimate hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), carbon dioxide (CO2), and construction emissions as needed.

Hazardous air pollutants were calculated consistent with the individual pollutants using AEDT and MOVES2014a for aircraft, stationary, and ground access vehicles. Greenhouse Gas emissions of CO2 were estimated using the methodologies identified in Appendix C of the Air Quality Handbook. For aircraft operations, AEDT was used to estimate fuel usage in the LTO cycles and appropriate CO2 emission factors.

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