Noise Compatibility Planning (Part 150) Studies, San Diego International Airport

Since 1994, HMMH has provided airport noise-related consulting services to San Diego International Airport (SAN). In 2008, HMMH began an update to the SAN Part 150 Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and Noise Compatibility Program (NCP). Noise abatement measures analyzed included: noise abatement departure profiles (NADP) for aircraft departing Runway 27; continuous descent approach (CDA) procedures for aircraft arriving at Runway 27; nighttime preferential runway use program for aircraft arriving between 2330 and 0630 hours; Area Navigation (RNAV) procedures for existing departure procedures; and a new over-the-bay departure route for lighter aircraft. The Study also included a rigorous effort to have the City of San Diego review and recommend alternative language for the land use measures so that the city would be able and willing to enforce the measures.

In 2016 HMMH assisted SDCRAA to request the FAA allow SDCRAA to recertify the 2009 Forecast (2014) Noise Exposure Map as reflecting current SAN aircraft operations. The FAA accepted the 2014 NEM as current through 2019.

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