oise Modeling and Analysis, Truax Field Air National Guard Base Detach

Noise Modeling and Analysis, Truax Field Air National Guard Base

HMMH performed noise modeling of hypothetical F-35A Lightning II flight and run-up operations at Truax Field Air National Guard Base (ANGB). The ANGB is an enclave on, and co-located with, the Dane County Regional Airport (MSN), near Madison, Wisconsin.

Using Department of Defense’s NOISEMAP v7.2, HMMH performed limited data collection and validation of potential, yet realistic F-35A operations associated with the 115th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. Modeled flight profiles for the F-35A were initially based on the Air Force developed and approved Karnes flight profiles (Version 3.2) and were subsequently modified to reflect particular operational circumstances found at MSN. HMMH utilized acoustic reference data developed from the dedicated noise testing of the F-35A at Edwards Air Force Base in 2013. Concurrently, HMMH also updated existing modeling of civilian aircraft flight operations associated with MSN with FAA’s Integrated Noise Model (INM) Version 7.0d, and integrated those results with the NMAP results to present a more comprehensive characterization of the noise environment associated with combined civil and military aircraft operations occurring at MSN.

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