Construction Noise Monitoring at I-264 Interchange in Virginia Beach

HMMH supported the construction phase of a new interchange with Cleveland Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Marian Manor retirement community is located near the interchange ramps and was concerned about construction noise impacts.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) wished to determine the project’s compliance with VDOT’s 2016 construction noise provisions.

HMMH worked with VDOT to determine an optimal monitoring location and deployed a 24-hour noise monitoring system that operated continuously for a period of six months. The system collects sound levels continuously and uploads the information to cloud-based servers, accessible through customizable software by HMMH and VDOT staff. HMMH also provided monthly summary reports of the previous month’s monitoring results, which included tables of average and maximum sound level ranges by the hour of the day, including the percentage of the hours that contained exceedances of VDOT’s construction noise level limits. The reports also provided graphs of the hourly average and maximum sound levels for every hour of the month.