Highway Projects

Plano Texas Expressway Air and Noise Pollution Study

The City of Plano, Texas, has grown significantly over the past 50 years, and as a result, the need for housing has also grown. With areas identified for residential development limited in the city, additional strategies were considered to accommodate growth while conserving established residential neighborhoods. One identified strategy was to reconsider standards for development on land adjacent to expressways in the city. Previously, residential development within 1,200 feet of expressway centerlines was restricted to buffer the negative quality of life impacts of expressways on residents. The goal of this study was to support the creation of appropriate guidelines for residential development adjacent to expressways in the City of Plano based on scientific analysis and research.

HMMH conducted a review of existing literature and research to identify the most appropriate noise and air pollution exposure guidelines and metrics to use in managing residential development. That information helped the city determine appropriate exposure metrics to incorporate into their zoning and land use planning process.

HMMH provided air quality and noise consulting services to identify potential areas where development should be restricted or not allowed. Within these areas, additional noise mitigation measures would be required to ensure suitability. The Firm’s analysis included conducting baseline measurements, modeling expressway, rail, and transit noise, preparing policy text, calculating air pollution impact areas, and documenting the results.