Fall River Wastewater Facilities Plan

HMMH conducted an inventory and estimate of baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) associated with existing equipment and treatment processes at the Fall River Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility for Scope 1 and partial Scope 2 emissions. The GHG inventory was intended to serve as a baseline to guide future facility upgrades. The report includes a review of possible facility modifications to increase energy efficiency and a cursory review of potential renewable energy options. HMMH utilized the approach outlined in Version 1.1 of the Local Government Operations Protocol (LGOP) for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions inventories. The LGOP provides a framework for developing emissions inventories for local government facilities, incorporating internationally recognized principles, approaches and procedures.

The inventory was based on existing documents including fuel usage and electricity usage, available records including the Draft Title V Application and the Draft Energy Audit Report. Estimates of relative GHG emission impacts for the future conditions were also included in the inventory. HMMH prepared planning level assessments of emission impacts between existing conditions for various future process alternatives, by process area or building. A cursory review was conducted of the possible facility modifications for energy efficiency (e.g., lighting, window replacement, indirect lighting, energy efficient process equipment and building mechanical/electrical) including possible renewable energy sources (e.g., low-profile/rooftop wind power, solar photovoltaic power, hydro water energy (via Parshall flume or outfall).

HMMH also provided recommended best practices in regard to noise and vibration issues during construction.

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