Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Sustainable Management Plan Update

HMMH collaborated with C&S Companies to prepare an update to the City of Phoenix Aviation Department’s Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. HMMH assisted C&S to assess the performance and progress made on implementation of initiatives identified in the original SMP. HMMH provided guidance and feedback based on current and planned energy initiatives of the Airport, and assisted with preparation for on-site stakeholder interviews.

HMMH provided input and guidance on preliminary focus areas for the SMP update (including for example, electric vehicles and climate resiliency), taking into account progress to date, existing City and Airport commitments, and opportunities for new goals and targets. HMMH prepared presentation materials related to renewable energy, federal funding opportunities and industry best practices for several stakeholder Working Group meetings. HMMH lead the working group discussion on climate resiliency, and provided significant support for the electric vehicle Working Group.

The success of the climate resiliency Working Group led to a follow-up climate risk assessment as part of the project. HMMH worked with Airport staff to conduct a virtual risk assessment and led a multi-stakeholder group discussion on the criticality and vulnerability of Airport assets and operations. This provided the airport with a tool to help prioritize infrastructure improvements.

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