Feasibility Jumpstart for NASA’s Proposed Study of Human Response to UAM Vehicle Noise

HMMH developed a roadmap for the design and execution of a Phase 1 (Feasibility) Study for NASA’s proposed Study of Human Response to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Vehicle Noise. For Phase 1, NASA intends on measuring the annoyance of 30-120 participants from single-event overflight noise from various UAM aircraft in various urban settings. The roadmap considered seven key elements/tasks. Each element consisted of an objective and/or description, the desired outcome or deliverable(s), an estimated Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) level of effort (LOE) in terms of Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and duration of the element. HMMH based its roadmap and notional schedule for the Feasibility Study from its past experiences with similar studies such as the FAA’s Neighborhood Environmental Survey and helicopter annoyance studies.