QuieterHome Program, Louisville International Airport

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority implemented a Residential Sound Insulation Program (QuieterHome Program) at Louisville International Airport (SDF) in Louisville, Kentucky. The Program was one of the FAA-approved noise mitigation measures included in the Airport’s Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program. HMMH provided acoustical testing, design and consulting services for the Program. The purpose of the testing services was to provide quality assurance that installed acoustic treatments met the noise reduction goals of the Program, which are an interior DNL of less than 45 dB and at least a 5 dB improvement in outdoor-to-indoor aircraft Noise Level Reduction (NLR). The steps undertaken by HMMH in this Program included: conducting pre-construction acoustical testing, generating detailed acoustical models for a sample of structures, assisting with Program recommendations for sound insulation treatments, conducting post-construction acoustical measurements, reporting testing results and comparing against Program goals, and providing expertise to assist with Program continuation.

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