Salt Lake City Department of Airports On-call Advising for Integrating Renewable Energy into the 10-year Terminal Redevelopment Program

HMMH is working with the Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) to assess opportunities to deploy renewable energy projects in a cost-effective way as part of the design and planning of the airport’s $1.8 billion redevelopment program. Part of this program includes meeting Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design standards and obtaining credits associated with renewable energy generation and use. One component being considered is covered parking with solar canopies and issues associated with snow and ice. We are also conducting a comprehensive technical and financial feasibility assessment of deploying solar on the property of Salt Lake City Airport. This work evaluates the physical constraints to siting solar on airport property including available land and buildings, proximity to existing electrical infrastructure, consistency with the Airport Layout Plan and airport safety zone, compliance with the FAA’s Interim Solar Policy and ocular hazard standard for glare, and potential environmental resources and their effect on permitting. HMMH will also be investigating emission reduction technologies that can receive dedicated funding from the FAA to improve air quality in the Salt Lake Valley, which is designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a non-attainment zone for clean air standards.

HMMH will be supporting the SLCDA as its Renewable Energy Advisor for a five-year period with options for extension for an additional five years.

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