Eugene Reindel, Gene Reindel, Vice President, Aviation, HMMH, aviation noise mitigation

Eugene M. Reindel

Vice President Specializing in Aviation and Noise

Gene has focused the greater part of his career on aircraft noise and consulting across the country and internationally. As Vice President in the Aviation Environmental Services (AES) group at HMMH, he manages a wide range of aviation noise consulting projects and provides technical support on aviation related noise studies and noise measurement programs. Mr. Reindel is a trained facilitator and leads public outreach programs associated with controversial noise studies and programs, and uses his training to facilitate community noise forum-type meetings. Gene also teaches courses in acoustics, sound measurements and noise modeling. Gene enjoys and excels at presenting complex issues of aviation noise in an easily understood manner.

Over the last 20 years, Gene has become a leader in the aviation industry. His commitment to excellence in engineering, design and environmental awareness is proof of his love for all aspects of acoustics, and the importance of this aspect within aviation practices.

Gene holds an M. Eng. in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University and a B.S. in Physics Engineering from Pacific Lutheran University, WA.


Gene enjoys spending time with family and friends, which usually involves nice restaurants and social events. He is fortunate to have opportunities with work projects and corporate meetings on the east coast to visit his daughter, Allison, who is finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in film and television production at St. Johns University. For better or worse, Gene’s participation on the aviation industry has resulted in his son, Nolan, to prepare for pilot training school after graduating high school.